Saturday, December 29, 2007

12/28 Blues vs. Sharks Game Summary

Well, my tickets have lost their magic. For the first time in six games, the Blues lost when I had tickets to go see them. Most distressing. The sad thing is that they generally played better than the Sharks, but San Jose's goalie, Evgeni Nabakov, just put up the force field and would not allow anything through. That and the fact that the referees had obviously been having too much egg nog sealed the game for the Blues. Honestly, I have been to some badly-called hockey games before, but this one might be the worst I have ever seen. If someone actually committed a penalty they wouldn't call it, but if someone was just lazily skating by they got called for some stupid penalty that didn't really happen. Bizarre.

In other news, I couldn't help but notice that during the second intermission, when they had the trucks on the ice to shoot T-shirts from, the background music that they played was an arrangement of the song "Tank," which was the opening song to the anime Cowboy Bebop. I'm sure they picked it because of their current emphasis on more jazz and bluesy music during games, but I still find it an interesting choice.

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