Sunday, December 02, 2007

General Update

Last week wasn't so hot for me. I didn't feel good a few days, including Thursday when I had a real bad migraine that kept me from going to work. I also had a bad headache today, as well. Unfun. In good news, though, I went to the hockey game with my friend, George, last night and the Blues won 3 - 1, which was awesome, because anytime we beat Chicago is awesome. That makes my tickets 5 for 5 currently, which is a nice change from the last couple years. Actually the Blues are one of the best teams in the entire League right now, if you go by the standings. So, congratulations to everybody! Interestingly enough, my account representative with the Blues stopped by last night to introduce himself, but I had gone to the bathroom, so he talked to George, instead.

In other news, I put up my Christmas tree, today. I wasn't able to decorate it, though, since one of my strings of lights doesn't work, so I will need to replace it. I would replace it today, but the weather is windy and rainy and I just don't feel like dealing with it. So I'll handle it tomorrow.

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