Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Ode to American Airlines

American Airlines, angel of the skies
You bestow upon us the boon of air travel
Winging to far away places, we reflect upon the beauty of the earth
As seen by God

American Airlines, in your infinite wisdom
You bestow upon us more than we have asked
Why fly from Chicago to Puerto Rico, as desired
When you can fly to Dallas, instead

American Airlines, in your infinite wisdom
You knew that I had never seen the land between those two cities
So you cancelled my flight to Puerto Rico
Knowing that I needed more time with you

American Airlines, time with you was not what I desired
It is, however, what you gave to me
You also gave much more time on the ground in Chicago
Than was sane

American Airlines, you eventually deposted me in Puerto Rico
Where I longed to be
Not because I really wanted to be there
But because I couldn't stand waiting in DFW anymore

American Airlines, at least you delivered my luggage
I was overjoyed to see it on the carousel
Which is more than was ever done for me
By US Airways

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