Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Puerto Rico es muy humido

Greetings from Humacão, Puerto Rico. I flew in yesterday, enjoying a lovely 9 hours of travel, which should have been 8, but who expects any airline flying in America to be on schedule? Not me, certainly. Once I arrivedin San Juan, I met my colleague (who flew in a bit earlier from L.A.) and we tried to navigate the local highways to get to Humacão. This proved a bit tricky due to the fact that all road signs were in Spanish. I took Spanish for two semesters in college, back in '93 and '94. You want to know how much of that I can remember? Not very much. However, I was able to figure out that "este" is east, so "oeste" must be west. So we got on 26 oeste, and started looking for 18 sur. Except that there was never a sign for 18 sur when heading west. Once we knew we passed it and we turned around, the helpful sign said you had to take 1 sur to get to 18 sur. Not that they mentioned that before. Then we need to take 30 sur and once again we miss it, because no sign mentioned that to get to 30 sur you have to take 1 sur (again; highway curves all over the place, causing no end of problems). We eventually find it and get to the hotel.

Let me tell you, it is kind of humid in Puerto Rico. And the temperate is a nice, mild, low 80's. This is a nice change from the snow that was falling when I left St. Louis. Hopefully there will not be more snow when I fly back on Friday!

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