Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tooling around Puerto Rico

Finally, a day without work. Work has been a bit crazy, and not fun. Multiple meetings to tell us that we aren't doing a good job, but without any evidence to back this up. If they could show me something that I was doing wrong, then I could fix it. However, when nobody can point to anything specific that I am doing wrong, then I don't know what to fix. If there is even anything to actually fix. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding? I don't know. But, yesterday was Saturday, which is not a good day to worry about work.

So, yesterday, Ali, Sofia, and I drove up to San Juan and visited
El Morro. El Morro is an old fort on a promontory on the far western tip of San Juan. Americans shelled it during the Spanish-American War, in case you didn't know. It was pretty cool to walk around the fortifications and check out everything. The weather was gorgeous and windy enough that we didn't get too hot with all of the sun. After wandering El Morro for a bit, we went into old San Juan and found a nice tapas restaurant. Neither Ali or Sofia had eaten tapas before, so I got to introduce them to that style of food.

After eating too much, we drove east to
El Yunque National Forest, a full rainforest in the NE of the island. And, yes, it did rain on us while we were there, which we all through was quite fitting. We only hiked about 2 miles of trail, since we got there a bit late in the day, but it was still pretty cool. I'd never been to a rainforest before.

Today I am just hanging around my room in Palmas del Mar, doing some work (yes, I know, shut up) and taking it easy. If the Niners game is on this afternoon, I'll catch some of that, as Ali is a huge Niners fan and my room has a better TV than his does.

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