Friday, February 05, 2010

Klingon Attack

The last time I wrote about a game in my collection, it was Federation Commander, a Star Trek-themed board game of starship combat. While the base games are completely playable on their own, the publisher has put out many expansions. Since the first one came up randomly as the next game to discuss, let's see what the first expansion pack, Klingon Attack, has to offer.

As you might expect from the name, the Klingon Empire is the focus of this expansion, though all of the factions in the Klingon Border base set are dealt with. Specifically, this expansion gives you new starships, new map boards (featuring planets on them), new scenarios, and new counters for the new ships. While not required to obtain enjoyment from the base game, this expansion provides more options to players of the games. The new scenarios and new ships provide new game play opportunities, while the extra ships allows you to play out larger battles and provide more tactical options to the players as they select their forces, even for the scenarios included in the basic game.

This particular expansion does not provide any new ship systems or rules, but other expansions do. This is generally kept to a minimum (with Distant Kingdoms being a notable exception), though, with each expansion focusing on providing new ships and scenarios for a specific number of factions. if you plan to play the game enough, the expansions are worth picking up, but are not necessary for more casual play.

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