Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleep is For the Weak!

This past week in Detroit started out promisingly, but soon decomposed into my own private version of hell. See, last week my colleague and I worked our tails off to finish up a large accounting review project. We then gave it to the manager, who sat in it for almost a week, to the point where I had to remind him to look the thing over. He did, and decided that he wanted the whole thing re-written in a different way. Granted, his way is better organized than what we had originally, but since it was due TODAY, it kicked off a flurry of work that involved even later nights than last week, including a Wed-Thu all nighter in which I got at most 40 minutes of sleep. Yeah, that wasn't much fun. I did survive to the end of the week, though, and I have discovered that I can get by on much less sleep than I would have guessed. Who knew!

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