Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spending Money

So, this weekend I spent the most money I have ever spent in one place at any one time for consumer goods, outside of a computer purchase. Jos. A. Bank was having a big suit sale, and I needed to replace a couple of my current suits (which have gotten too small with age; it couldn't be that I have gotten too big!), so off I went. I also needed a new topcoat, as my old one, which I had been using since 1998, was simply too small and was too tight across the chest. Oh, and my suitcase that I use for my Detroit trips broke on me (the handle would no longer come up), so it needed to be replaced, as well. It turned out that everything I needed was on sale, so I pretty much spent 1 1/2 hours in one store and got it all. Oh, and a new tie, too. I've learned over the years that I really like nicer suits (as opposed to my typical JCP purchases), but they cost too much at regular price. However, when you can get three suits for ~$700, that becomes a good strike price for a good quality tailored suit.

So, yeah, I spent a lot of money. I'm a bit surprised Mastercard didn't call me to find out what was going on, as that definitely did not fit my standard purchasing pattern.

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