Thursday, February 25, 2010

So, Curling

The most interesting thing to come out of my own watching of this year's Winter Olympics is that I have spent a significant amount of my time watching curling matches, both men's and women's. And not just ones where the US team is competing, but all kinds of different matches. Admittedly, part of this is because I am daily checking out MSNBC and CNBC to see which one is showing a hockey game (NBC, in its Universal (get it? It's a joke!) wisdom, changes it up constantly so that I have to check both channels every day), but it turns out that the game itself has much more strategic depth than I had been led to believe by jokes on TV talk shows back when curling first became an Olympic sport. It also doesn't hurt that the participants are not ugly people, in general. I even remember back a few years ago when I was out bowling with some co-workers up in Seattle and one of them mentioned that the way I bowl reminded him of the way that throwers throw stones, in that I get down and low during my release. I even think I would like to give curling a try some time, just to experience the sport first hand. Anyone know if there are tournaments in St. Louis?

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