Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Geico of Cable

For a number of months now, I have been unhappy with my cable bill. The service is fine, but I have been paying over $75 a month for a bunch of channels that I never watched. I had thought about moving to Dish Network satellite, which would get me pretty much the same channels for around $60 per month. I had been waiting until after the hockey season was done to make the switch, as Dish wasn't going to be able to get me Versus without paying a lot more money.

However, I decided to call today, since my bill came and it reminded me how much I don't like paying $75 for TV every month. So I called and asked the nice lady on the phone what I could cut out of my package to get under $60 a month. We looked at dropping the Family tier, we looked at going from Expanded basic to just Basic basic, and pretty much I was going to have to drop the channels I actually watched in order to get my bill low enough. I was bumming about this, when the lady offered to cut $21 off my bill every month as part of some "promotional" package since I had been a customer for 2 1/2 years with a good payment history.

So, a 15-minute call saved me a couple hundred dollars on my cable bill. In fact, since my target was $60, I added a sports tier that will get me Fox Soccer Channel (along with some spanish language sports channel that will likely get me even more soccer) for $5 a month. That still got me below $60, so my little phone call got me more of what I want for less money. I wonder what else I could save money on with a 15 minute phone call?

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