Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Certified Internal Auditor

One of the things I had on my schedule this week while in Dallas was to take the first part of the Certified Internal Auditor exam, which when I pass all three parts I have to take will give me professional certification in my current line of work. There are actually four parts to the exam, but since I am already a Certified Management Accountant, I can waive part four (I still have to pay the fee for it, but they assume I already know that stuff). I had to catch a ride at 7:00 A.M. (requiring me to skip breakfast) out to the University of Texas - Dallas campus, and then I had the exam from 8:30 until about 11:15, when I got finished with it.

Honestly, I found the exam itself to be easier than the study questions I used to prepare for it, so that should be a good thing. I feel like I did well on it, but I won't actually find out for about 2 months or so, since it takes them waaaaaaaaay long to grade all of the exams from around the country. This was also the first time I had to put answers on a Scantron form since I took the GMAT back in 1996. When I took the CMA exam back in 2001 - 2002, it was all computerized, and you got your score within 10 seconds of submitting the exam to be graded by the computer. The Institute of Internal Auditors is still living in the Twentieth Century, though, so it is all graded by hand. Or, graded by a computer that has to be fed by hand. Something like that. Next year they are finally moving to computer-based testing, so I won't have to deal with this again, but it was an interesting blast from the past.

But, bottom line, I feel like I did well, so I am now free to enjoy myself the rest of the week.

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