Sunday, November 11, 2007

St. Louis Military Gaming Meetup

Yesterday I spent the afternoon out at South County Mall at the Game Nite store for the inaugural meeting of the St. Louis Military Gaming Meetup group, a sub-group of the St. Louis Boardgame Meetup group. It was organized by a fellow I met a few months ago, Chris Fawcett, and it turns out he is an IT auditor locally with RSM McGladrey, and we have run into each other at IIA meetings, before. He owns around 800 games, which is completely crazy and I highly respect him for it. Anyway, it was a really good time. I played Wings of War (world war I aerial combat) for the first time, and it is a pretty fun game, especially with the miniatures. I also played a little bit of Tide of Iron (world war II ground combat), and it looks good but probably isn't something I will be picking up. Lastly I played a few rounds of Rise of the Luftwaffe, probably my favorite WWII aerial combat game ever. I played pretty much all afternoon with a good guy by the name of Bill Cronin, and we are going to try to get together over the next couple months to play through a Rise of the Luftwaffe campaign, which would be great, as I almost never get to play the campaign games.

Lastly, I ran into Dave Moeller at the meetup, which was cool. I haven't seen him in over 2 years, and we promised to get together and play some games over the Christmas holiday. We'll see if that actually happens or not, but it is looking likely.

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