Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Spirit is Blue

One of the many disappointments that one can encounter in modern life is hearing about a movie, hoping that it will be good, and then finding out that said is in fact NOT good. I'm feeling this way about The Spirit. I like the comic books (it's one of the current books I read regularly), and all the reviews I am reading say that the movie really isn't like the comic books. The movie seems to be like Starship Troopers in that they take some of the overall trappings of the original story and then gut the thing like a fish in order to put the trappings onto a great big pile of poo instead. I guess that a story about a goofy yet charming guy who is supposed to be dead who punches bad guys in the face isn't enough for a modern audience, so they have to make the whole thing into some kind of post-modern statement on the frailty of civilization or something. Depressing. Maybe I'll still eventually see it, but it's moving into the "Netflix it" category.

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