Friday, September 04, 2009

I'm Broken

So I had an interesting experience this week. While biting down on a gumdrop, I had half of a crown fall out. Well, not really a crown, but a large porcelain filling that is supposed to last forever. Almost half of it just cracked right out. None of the actual tooth material on that tooth was damaged, just part of the porcelain separated and came out. I was able to get the dentist and have it checked out yesterday, and it looks like what is left is sturdy, and it isn't causing me much pain (just some cold sensitivity since the nerve doesn't have much covering anymore, so it's not being treated as an emergency. This means I get to go two weeks missingn part of a tooth before I get it fixed. Joyous.


Magister said...

That happened to me once, actually it was in the hotel we stayed at in Monterrey. But it was a fairly small bit (although of real tooth) that cracked out.

Aaron W. Thorne said...

I don't think I even remember that happening. Did you even mention it at the time?