Sunday, September 13, 2009

St. Louis Ruins Everything

So I've been watching Hockey: A People's History off-and-on ever since I got it in early July. Episode 6 contained a real treat for me. After spending at least 20 minutes describing how awesome it was back in the "original six" days for Toronto and Montreal to meet in the Stanley Cup finals seemingly about every other year, at the end of the episode they mention the NHL's expansion in the late '60s, and how every one of those teams was American, and how the Leafs and Canadiens have never met in the finals since. While the anouncer is being all depressed-sounding describing this, all of the images are of the St. Louis Blues. They have old TV footage of the players, the fans, even the old Barn (aka, the St. Louis Arena). While there were five other teams that joined at the same time, all of the video footage is from St. Louis. Someone up in Toronto (where the CBC is headquartered) must really hate St. Louis to use only their video footage to describe how Americans ruined everything. It made me laugh out loud.

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