Monday, December 07, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It... Well, You Get the Picture

So this morning I flew back into lovely Omaha, Nebraska. When I left last Friday it was nice and dry, but for miles over western Iowa while flying in I could tell that it had snowed over the weekend. Upon landing, I find out that it is going to snow a whole lot more tonight and tomorrow than it had over the weekend. We're talking a full-scale blizzard, with a foot of snow, howling winds, and the whole bit. It should be glorious. To keep things interesting, the Director and Partner I am working with are scheduled to fly in from Chicago tomorrow morning, and none of us knows whether that is going to happen, or if I am going to be stuck by myself in Omaha for the next three days. And even if they do make it in, are we just going to be stuck in the hotel? Because if there is a foot of snow on the roads, I'm not really going to be keen on driving across Omaha to get to the client's office. Interesting times.

In other news, I learned today that I should never eat at the Denny's on 84th street in Omaha again. I told the waitress about my dairy allergy when ordering my meal, and after consulting with the chef I learned that the ONLY THING on the menu I could order sans dairy was the spaghetti off the children's menu. EVERYTHING ELSE was touched by butter, at the least. See, they don't use oil when they cook, they just smear butter all over the entire grilling surface in the kitchen. I couldn't even get a cup of soup that would be dairy free, or a salad, because that grilled chicken they put on top would have been grilled on a bed of butter. I'm pretty sure that other Denny's don't do that, but maybe I just have to knock the entire chain off my list. Annoying.

On the plus side (well, kind of), I have now stayed at Hilton Hotel properties enough to have earned myself back up to Diamond status, the highest level in the HiltonHHonors rewards program. I was Diamond three years ago, but that project I had in 2007 where I worked in St. Louis almost the entire year killed that for me. Granted, that project had me in St. Louis for all of 2007, so it isn't like I was upset about it or anything. Anyway, I have earned my road warrior stripes all over again, so look out, world! Pretty soon I'm gonna earn myself an entire free week at a resort in Cabo.

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