Thursday, December 03, 2009

Suckage Time

Wow, what a lousy couple of weeks for Arsenal fans. First, we lose one-nil to Sunderland. Admittedly, Sunderland is quite good this year, but still. Second, we get murdered by Chelsea. Admittedly, Chelsea is the better team, especially when we lack Van Persie, but still. Then yesterday we get bounced out of the Carling Cup by Manchester City in a pretty brutal drubbing. The real problem with the Man. City game is when you look at the players on each side. Mark Hughes brought out all of his primary players for the contest, while Wenger had a bunch of bench-warmers and training squad players starting for Arsenal. Granted, we have a lot of injuries, but you could tell before the game, by just looking at the lineups, that we were going to get punched in the face for 90 minutes straight. I'm not a big fan of lavishing money on buying players, but if that lineup was the best we could muster then we definitely need better talent. Depressing.

In other news, it is snowing this morning in Omaha. Not enough to get any real ground coverage, but still, it's snowing. Let the fiesta begin!

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