Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Should Mark McGwire be in the Hall of Fame?

Yes, he should. Why? Because he broke the single season home run record, which had stood for over 30 years without serious threat. What about the steroid allegations? Tony Gwynn said it best when he said that if McGwire did use steroids, they weren't against the rules that Major League Baseball had at the time. So, if Mark McGwire didn't break the rules, then why is it being used against him? I think it is because self-righteous sports writers, who vote on who gets into the Hall of Fame and who doesn't, want to punish someone for steroid use, which is against the current rules, and Mark McGwire is their first real opportunity to punish someone. Did Big Mac ever test positive for steroids? No. That doesn't matter to our new Moral Majority, however, because they know McGwire used steroids. How do they know? They just do, that's how. One of the hallmarks of the US legal system is that there can be no post ex facto laws. Obviously, that doesn't apply to baseball.

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