Monday, January 29, 2007

Up and Down

This past weekend started off with the Blues game vs. Detroit on Friday night. It was a great game, with lots of tension and stress. In fact, while Detroit never had the lead, the Blues only had the lead for about 1 1/2 minutes the entire game until they won in overtime. Very thrilling. After the game, there were lots of people high-fiving anyone they could find in the parking garage, lots of honking to the rhythm of the "let's go Blues!" cheer that people use during the game, and general merriment. Much fun was had by all, except the Detroit fans in the house.

Saturday was for sleeping in and running chores. I also made the mistake of watching part of the movie "Clerks" on Saturday night, which was pretty much completely wasted time which Kevin Smith now owes me. What a stupid movie that is. I can't even really say exactly what I did on Saturday, it is pretty much a haze after I got back from shopping for my parent's birthday presents. Yes, my parents are getting older. My Mom's birthday was this past Saturday, and my Dad's birthday is tomorrow. On Sunday I headed over to their place after church and we had lunch and ate cake, and then I watched most of the Detroit/Colorado hockey game on NBC. Yes, it really doesn't matter who is playing, I can watch just about any hockey game as long as Vancouver isn't winning. I even watched a high school game last year in Fargo, ND, because it was the only decent thing on TV. Those kids in the Dakotas are better than you would think.

I ended up not going to the Gathering (singles group at my church) on Sunday night because I didn't feel good, and I didn't want to "get sick" in front of everyone. So, I just hung out at home and did laundry, which was desperately needed. Am I an exciting person, or what?

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